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A small town like no other.

It is a town of natural splendor, local charm, and rich in American history. Jefferson is one of those mesmerizing communities that is all too easy to fall in love with. From the Village Green at the heart of Jefferson’s downtown district, to the rolling green mountains and heritage farms, this is a town that draws people in with inviting restaurants, gorgeous vistas, and a welcoming atmosphere.

A True American Town

There is a charm in towns like Jefferson that isn’t found too often anymore. It is a town with strong roots and real people. A town that is as proud of its past as much as it is excited for its future – and is unwilling to trade off one for the other. Jefferson is a proud community of farmers, shopkeepers, carpenters, and more, who have built this town into a historical American gem.

We welcome all residents and visitors to enjoy the timeless beauty of our town, as well as the majestic natural splendor all around it. And we hope that this website will serve as a guide for all people to become informed and entertained on the events, history, and services that are provided in this wonderful community.

All About Jefferson

With its agricultural roots, Jefferson hearkens back to a time not often seen these days.  Once known as Buttertown for its abundance of dairy farmers, it still continues to produce many local products such as maple syrup from the many maple trees that surround the area.

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A Storied Past

Jefferson is a town rich in history, dating back to the birth of America itself. Learn more about how our lovely community was first established, and the interesting role it has played in the story of New York State.
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